Equine Assisted Psychotherapy,

Equine Assisted Learning, EAGALA Model

Ashli La Cross lives with her family on a small horse farm in Southern Indiana.  Ashli and Jerry have two boys, one is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama and one is a Sophomore in High School . She is a licensed Special Education teacher who has spent her life working with and advocating for those with special needs.  As a child she dreamed of owning horses and many years later had the opportunity to purchase one, which quickly led to two and now three.  She is the daughter of a retired ARMY officer and the wife of a retired ARMY officer, and has spent her life living in the military culture. When her husband retired from the ARMY, the family moved to Indiana, from Texas bringing two horses with them. (The third horse joined the family in 2015) Ashli is EAGALA certified as the Equine Specialist of the treatment team and has a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is the founder and President of Hooves Healing Hearts, LLC.  Ashli's husband, Jerry is a huge supporter of Hooves Healing Hearts, LLC and has been a very active partner in the start up and decision making as well as the care of the horses and the maintenance that comes along with that. 

Kaori Tashiro lives with her family in Southern Indiana. She has two children. Her son recently graduated from college and her daughter is a senior in High School. Kaori is a Licensed Social Worker in the states of Kentucky & Indiana. She is EAGALA certified as the Mental Health Professional of the treatment team.  Kaori was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.  Kaori has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Sophia University in Tokyo and University of Louisville, Kentucky. Kaori's spouse, Michael is a big supporter of Hooves Healing Hearts, and has been very active in the photography.  He is a financial advisor and is on the advisory committee for Hooves Healing Hearts.  

Counseling Services Utilizing The Eagala Model of EAP/EAL in Louisville

(Left to right)

Kaori Tashiro (LCSW,MSSW, EAGALA Certified Mental Health Professional), Michael Lamsfuss(Kaori's spouse & Hooves Healing Hearts Photographer),

Jerry La Cross (Ashli's spouse, retired military (Liason for future work with military organizations, Hooves Healing Hearts Director) & Ashli La Cross(EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist, Special Education Teacher, Founder & President of Hooves Healing Hearts

Apache showing his love of children.  He is a gentle giant!

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We provide counseling services utilizing the EAGLA Model of EAP/EAL in the Louisville and Kentuckiana area.