BREED: Registered American Paint Horse
DOB: 06/24/1997
Training: Western Discipline

​Hooves Healing Hearts Counseling Services Utilizing The Eagala Model of EAP/EAL

Salty River Romeo

Romeo came to us in August of 2015.  Romeo is very interested when new people arrive.  He is a very friendly boy.  He is still new to our herd but has been adjusting well, and is a wonderful addition.  He has competed in various 4-H contests.  

 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy,

Equine Assisted Learning, EAGALA Model

Apache of Oatmeal

Apache looks like a bay horse with black stockings.  He did not "paint out" which means he has no white spots on his body with the exception of the blaze on his face.   He came to us in October 2011. Apache was a Team penning and trail horse. He is very affectionate and loving

BREED: Registered American Paint Horse
DOB: 04/18/2001
TRAINING:​ Western discipline
BREED: Rocky Mountain Pony cross
DOB: 02/17/2006
Training: ​Western discipline & Parelli

Meet the Horses

Hooves Healing Hearts Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Bristol Bay

Bristol has a chocolate coat and flaxen mane.  Bristol was purchased/rescued from an auction in February 2011.  She is a very friendly and curious girl who has never met a stranger.  She is full of personality and just a pretty girl, and she knows it!